Pizza process


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  1. Here is the same procedure that you done during the lesson.

  2. Dissolve the yeast in the water and then add the 350g of flour slowly into the 250g of water.

  3. Mix slowly with your fingers only, otherwise the dough will be stick to your hands.

  4. The compound should be wet to the touch, but not sticky.

  5. Fold and push the dough for 3 minutes, so the mixture is become elastic. (To check that, press on the dough, if it comes back it means it’s elastic)

  6. Now is the time to divide the dough in two parts with the mozzatura. (Ancient technique of mozzarella chefs).

  7. At home you can use a knife or a spatula for that.

  8. Remember to put them in a tray and keep at least a handful of space between them so to avoid they stick eachother.

  9. Over the two doughs you should put a wet cloth so the skin is not coming dry, and on the top cover with a film.  Wait at least 10 hours for rising them . (Temperature 15 18 c°)
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