Discovering the many faces of Naples: a client’s tour experience review


“My Naples has so many faces to be able to reveal itself at every glance in an unusual guise. This tour has given us the opportunity to see many facets and contradictions: from the noble palaces of Vomero, crossing the area of Petraio the OLD and the NEW alternate and merge. Suggestive views, panoramas that fill the eyes. And the voice of Vito that in transmitting the story of stones, streets and glimpses lets out his lively soul, of those who “the fire knows him and feels him inside, because he is sitting on Vesuvius”. Thanks Vito, because you did not stop at the tour program but you allowed us to look at the world of Cyop and Kaf with their murals and street art that tells with images the double face (cross and delight) of our Naples.” 

The colors of Naples, the experience of our client

Naples is a city with countless faces, each revealing itself in a new, unexpected way with every glance. One of our clients shared with us a heartfelt review of her tour, which captured the diverse and contradictory nature of Naples. Her journey through the city, guided by Vito, offered a glimpse into the multifaceted beauty and vibrant life of this historic place.

We start from Vomero

The tour began in Vomero, a district known for its elegant buildings and refined atmosphere. Our client was enchanted by the grand palazzi and the overall sophistication of the area. Vomero’s charm lies in its blend of the old and the new, offering a unique contrast that reflects the city’s dynamic character.

As the tour moved through the Petraio area, the interplay between the old and the new became even more apparent. The narrow, winding streets and historic buildings stand alongside modern elements, creating a fascinating mosaic of past and present. Our client was particularly struck by the scenic views and panoramic vistas that filled her with awe. The beauty of these sights left a lasting impression, showcasing Naples’ ability to captivate and surprise at every turn.

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The Voice of Naples: Vito (our expert guides)

A highlight of the tour was Vito, our passionate and knowledgeable guide. Vito’s storytelling brought the history of Naples to life, his lively spirit resonating with the group. As our client described, Vito embodies the fiery spirit of Naples, a city that sits at the foot of the Vesuvius volcano. His deep connection to Naples and its history shone through in every story he told, making the tour an unforgettable experience.

The World of Cyop and Kaf

Vito went beyond the standard tour itinerary, introducing the group to the world of Cyop and Kaf, renowned street artists whose murals adorn the city’s walls. Their art reflects the dual nature of Naples, capturing both its beauty and its challenges. Our client appreciated this additional insight into Naples’ vibrant street art scene, which adds yet another layer to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Why Choose Our Tours?

Our client’s review highlights the depth and authenticity of our tours. We go beyond the typical tourist experience, offering a comprehensive look at the many sides of Naples. With guides like Vito, who are deeply connected to the city’s history and culture, our tours provide an enriching and memorable experience for all visitors.

Plan Your Naples Adventure

Inspired by our client’s journey? Join us for a tour and discover the many faces of Naples for yourself. From the elegance of Vomero to the contrasts of Petraio and the vibrant street art of Cyop and Kaf, our tours offer a unique and immersive way to experience this city.

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