Places to visit in Naples from the station to the historic center.

Place to visit in naples

Visit 3 areas of Naples, from the central station (Garibaldi) to the historic center.

Naples is a city brimming with beauty and an endless historical and cultural heritage. First and foremost, let’s talk about a city and a vast territory. Naples is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its own unique history and characteristics, but most importantly, it’s the people who bring them to life.

In this article, we introduce three places to visit in Naples that you can explore on foot, alone, with friends, or with one of our experienced local guides on a tour. We’ve chosen these areas because they’re like open-air museums, where you can enjoy a day amidst the beauty of Naples in total peace and fresh air.

Porta Capuana

This is the neighborhood that welcomes tourists and locals alike when they arrive in Naples. It’s located right next to Garibaldi Central Station, and its hallmark is its diverse cultural mix. Being directly connected to a transit hub like the train station, this area buzzes with activity.

Despite the traffic, you can still admire some of Naples’ historic landmarks like Porta Capuana, one of the oldest gates of Naples, and Castel Capuano. Surrounding these landmarks are various cultural associations and places of interest for artists and tourists, including Lanificio25, which hosts unique cultural activities and artistic events. During your stroll in this neighborhood, take a break and enjoy a Neapolitan coffee at the typical kiosk right in front of the historic gate.

Rione Sanità

Rione Sanità is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Naples. Thanks to tourism and the efforts of its residents, it has transformed over the years, welcoming new activities within the neighborhood and becoming a new point of interest for tourists visiting the city. Rione Sanità welcomes visitors with its most famous alley illuminated by the poetry of Totò. As you enter the neighborhood, you immediately immerse yourself in its atmosphere with the lively square bustling with markets and various typical Neapolitan eateries.

The best way to discover the rest of Rione Sanità is to wander through its historic streets, discovering social activities like the neighborhood garden, murals by Neapolitan artists (including works by Bosoletti), or simply indulging in a meal at one of Naples’ most famous pizzerias (Concettina and Tre Santi).

Quartiere Pignasecca

This characteristic area of Naples is situated between the Spanish Quarters and the famous Via Toledo. It embodies all the typical beauty of Naples, with plenty of places to explore. This part of the city is bustling with Naples’ most famous open-air market, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other groceries.
Walking through it, you’ll experience Naples in full swing: the scents, colors, and flavors typical of Neapolitan cuisine.

This area of Naples is the realm of street food. You can wander through Naples and then sit among the market stalls to eat freshly cooked fish or stroll while munching on the famous folded pizza, all while taking in the surrounding beauty.

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