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According to The Telegraph, Naples metro stations are the most beautiful in Europe. Let’s visit them together!

This urban project is called metro art tour for its peculiarity, transforming the subway into an art container! We will visit together the four most characteristic metropolitan stations of Naples: Università, Dante and Toledo to know the stories and projects of the architects and artists who made them.

Each metro stop is a unique project, a theme that is reflected in the structures and forms that give the whole trip, the feeling of living in an underground exhibition in the city of Naples.

In this organized tour, history and modernity meet:

To make room for the metro stops and these artistic projects, the operators who worked underground in Naples, have brought to light new archaeological discoveries about the city and some stops. Like that of the Duomo station, which has become places of dual importance, underground and custodian of archaeological works hidden underground for millennia.

You will have a ticket valid for 24 hours to travel in the center of Naples so we will discover together the new underground line of Naples, a unique experience to know the stratification of Naples, its thousand-year history and all the treasures that are hidden underground. We can go inside of the stations and discover the themes that inspired the architects and artists, who designed them and you can see that each metro stop, has a theme.

Your guide will describe the redevelopment of the city, you will have explanations, information and curiosity of the many monuments that are on the surface. In addition, we will tell you stories about the Greeks, Romans and finds from the Middle Ages to the present day. You will be enchanted by the modernity and antiquity that naturally mix in this city.

Here are the stations we will visit together: stazioni di Municipio – Università – Dante – Toledo

In this post on instagram of outpump, so it is said: “Next June will be inaugurated in Naples the new metro station “Chiaia” with the works of Peter Greenaway, which will be added to the list of the many stops of the “Stations of Art”. You may have seen photos of the Naples metro, but do you know whose works were included?

Answer with us to this question, discover our tour here!


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