Carnival party in Naples

carnival party in naples

The Carnival party in Naples is a lively and colorful festival that celebrates joy and joy through events, parades and, of course, delicious traditional dishes.

Carnival in Naples is a very significant social celebration, characterized by a series of events, parades and celebrations involving the community. Here are some aspects that make the Carnival in Naples a unique social celebration: parades and floats, cultural events and folk costumes. A popular festival that highlights the spirit of the Neapolitans. Follow us in this tour of flavours around the city

Here are some typical products that are prepared during the Carnival party that you can find in Naples in February:

The chatter is one of the iconic Carnival sweets throughout Italy, including Naples. These are thin strips of fried dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar. They can have different shapes and sizes, but their crunchiness is always delicious.
Black pudding:
Black pudding is a chocolate delight prepared during the Carnival period. It is a thick cream rich in dark chocolate, milk, sugar and corn starch. It is often served in small glasses and garnished with pieces of chocolate or dried fruit.
Castagnole are small balls of fried sweet dough. They can be simple or stuffed with cream, chocolate or jam. They are often rolled in powdered sugar before serving.

These Carnival sweets reflect the rich and varied gastronomic tradition of Naples, offering an explosion of sweet flavors during the festival.

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