3 cooking classes in Naples, Italy

cooking classes in naples italy

A cooking class is a structured learning experience where individuals or groups gather to be taught how to prepare and cook various dishes. These classes are typically led by a professional chef, a cooking instructor, or someone with expertise in culinary arts. Cooking classes can cover a wide range of topics, including specific cuisines, techniques, or types of dishes.

Cooking classes often encourage interaction among participants, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

1. Fettuccine and ravioli, traditional recipes

Live with us a unique experience with the lessons of egg pasta! Prepare the typical Neapolitan fettuccine, between tradition and taste. A cooking class in Naples, professional and fun, suitable for everyone! An alternative day in a typical restaurant in Naples where you can make together with us excellent homemade pasta. Typical Neapolitan cooking lessons, to live together with classmates. Thanks to this experience you will discover the secrets of this ancient recipe that only a few know. Kitchen and taste typical dishes, in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and discover with us the ancient Neapolitan recipes. Discover Naples through its typical cuisine, in a historic Neapolitan restaurant and we will provide all the ingredients to prepare fettuccine and ravioli.

Next to you local expert guides ready to welcome you and follow you to make your experience complete and unique. Prepare and taste your Neapolitan dish of fresh pasta. The day includes the tasting of a great drink!

2. Pizza margherita class and aperitif

A class to prepare pizza in a typical Neapolitan restaurant, cooking with fresh local products and at the end of the experience you will eat your pizza! A unique cooking class, to discover the secret recipe of Neapolitan pizza margherita, the symbol of Naples all over the world. In this cooking class you can taste the products you will use for the preparation of your pizza and learn the secret techniques of Neapolitan pizza makers. You will be explained all the steps necessary for the preparation, how to choose the right ingredients and how to use them. You will receive all the necessary tools for the preparation and at the end you will have a diploma and the original recipe to be able to cook your pizza margherita at home.

3. tiramisù e limoncello

A special culinary experience in Naples, a cooking class on tiramisu and tasting of the local limoncello. A cooking class to learn how to make tiramisu according to the traditional recipe, discovering the secrets and history of the most famous dessert in the world. This experience takes place in the former Caffè Margherita, the first chantant café in Italy. Our chef will help you prepare your tiramisu so you can replicate it at home and during the experience, you can also taste the local limoncello. An expert local guide will tell you the story of this recipe and will tell you about the fresh ingredients, to make the best tiramisu. At the end of the preparation you can listen to the story of limoncello and taste this typical product of Campania. A shared experience of cooking, together with your friends, in a unique and unrepeatable cooking class!

Book your spot now and let the cooking magic begin!

Cooking classes can cater to various skill levels, from beginners to more advanced cooks. They may focus on a specific cuisine, cooking technique, or theme, such as baking, grilling, or vegetarian cooking. Some classes may be short one-time sessions, while others could be part of a more comprehensive cooking program. Overall, cooking classes are an enjoyable and educational way for individuals to enhance their culinary skills and knowledge.


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