Street food tour in Naples

street food tour a Napoli

With this article I’ll tell you about Neapolitan Street Food, the food you absolutely must not miss and some of the most characteristic places to eat street food in the center of Naples.

This is the best way to enjoy and enjoy the city like a real Neapolitan through food: tasty ingredients and unique flavors. Walking and eating street food is an art made to measure for the city of Naples. If you walk around the city you will see that all restaurants have small windows overlooking the street to expose the street food they produce at the moment: Wallet pizza, omelettes and fried hearts are just some of the most characteristic and expensive foods of the Neapolitan Street Food. The street par excellence of street food is Via dei Tribunali, full of places to stop and enjoy real Neapolitan street food.

Naplesbay offers a tour dedicated to this art: to taste all the flavors of Naples but above all to taste the best Neapolitan Street Food in the historic center but especially in the Pignasecca where you can find the oldest market in Naples. Our tour will allow you to go around the streets of the street food of Naples but above all to see one of the most famous squares of the city, it is the pignasecca. La Pignasecca is one of those places in Naples that still hosts the market of fresh products of the city.

In the Pignasecca you can find: fresh fruits and vegetables but above all you can discover characteristic places that prepare Neapolitan street food with fresh products directly from their store.

Like the old fish market that is right next to the pignasecca market. In this fishmonger-restaurant you can choose to buy fresh fish but in the meantime if you want to live an experience in full Neapolitan style, you can eat at the moment a dish of fried or fresh fish just cooked to be enjoyed on the street, in the middle of the market.

Do not miss is the taste of the pizza wallet. Classic and iconic Neapolitan wallet pizza, to eat standing in Via dei Tribunali, the street of Neapolitan pizzerias. An essential mood for your first time in Naples; get patiently in line for takeaway, to be enjoyed being careful not to stain with sauce! 

Instead for fried pizza an inevitable stop is Mrs Fernanda via Speranzella in the Spanish Quarters. Mrs Fernanda prepares pizzas fried in her vessel as she used to, with street sale. You only find two types of pizzas, large or small.

Learn how to make pizza together in Naplesbay

Street Food sweet typical of Naples are babà and sfogliatella that you can eat while walking on the street. Different sizes depending on your sweet tooth. Thanks to the small takeaway packs made to measure for walking around Naples.

Don Cafè, a “traveling” coffee machine for Naples! Last but not least, the typical Neapolitan coffee.  Espresso coffee to be enjoyed directly on the street. With its itinerant machine, Don cafè makes espresso for you according to the traditional Neapolitan recipe. His travelling cart is often found in the Spanish Quarters!

If you liked this article, you just have to leave for Naples and try all the street food that characterizes this city!


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