Walking tours Naples: slow life, walks to discover Naples!

walking tour

What are walking tours? Real walks in a city with a guide.

You will discover the city together with new tour companions and live an experience of slow life, among the narrow streets of the historic city center. The walking tours are very interesting experience to experience the city through the sounds, colors and smells that you can discover only by walking.

Naples is full of hidden elements, it is therefore useful to be accompanied by a guide, in order to appreciate until the end all the small features that are hidden between the streets and alleys.

What are the walking tours?

With our walking tours you can discover the places of Neapolitan street food, the path of the gods on the coast, Naples and all its scenic spots and places where the folklore and art of the history of the city comes to the surface.
All our tours are complete with an expert guide of the city. Our tour operators are passionate about the city, history and tradition.
Tour operators speak several languages and make you live this experience to the fullest.

Why choose a walking tour?

If you are looking for an immersive experience, the walking tour is the right experience for you.
Walk through the streets of the city and stop for when you want, see better and up close the views or enjoy a typical food while you can hear its story.
Discover the city of Naples and live it from another point of view, go through the city like a true Neapolitan and discover the tradition of this people.

Here are our walking tours:

Street food tour, to taste the typical food of naples in the most famous market of the city of Naples.
The city through the flavors and its pret a porter food more characteristic, you taste, you talk to traders and stop in the most typical places.

Panoramic tour of the city of naples and all the panoramic areas of the city, suggestive views and breathtaking landscapes of the Neapolitan city with all the time to enjoy the landscapes and take some shots.

The street art tour of spanish quarters. A walk in the midst of folklore and Neapolitan street art, discover the city of naples through its signs and its nuances. The most famous characters and people who have changed the Neapolitan city are depicted on the walls in an indelible way. Cross the streets together to “know” them up close.

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