5 things about Pompeii

Pompei vesuvio

Five curiosities about Pompeii that will make you discover the archaeological site of Pompeii.

Have you ever been in Campania or would you like to visit Pompeii?

Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most requested and most characterized destination in Campania. The city of Pompeii is universally recognized for being the one that contains within it the ancient city that preceded it, architecturally survived the eruption of Vesuvius of 79 AD.

The archaeological site of Pompeii is defined as an open-air laboratory that continues to bring out the history and wonderful discoveries. For us this place is one of the most beautiful destinations in Campania and surroundings, to discover with the whole family!

With us you can visit Pompeii on a four-hour tour, a short but intense journey into the Campana culture and Roman history.

Here are the 5 things about Pompeii the archaeological site, the last things is known by few!

1.Where does the name Pompeii come from?

the name could derive from the Greek ‘pempo’ (to send), for the fact that Pompeii, as reported also Strabo in his Geography, represented an important junction between the hinterland and the coast, for its proximity to the river Sarno where they arrived and from which the goods departed

  1. The discovery of Pompeii is not over yet!

We can say with certainty that everything we know about Pompeii and its history is not everything. The archaeological park is constantly changing and expanding for discoveries and finds.

The excavations are in fact still active in some parts of the Archaeological Park (Pompeii was also a city in reconstruction after the violent earthquake of 62) and are the main point of interest of tourists who come to visit the archaeological site from all over the world.

All the curiosities and discoveries about Pompeii that we see are the result of the study of professionals and researchers who work constantly on the site. Thanks to their work we can tell in our tours many anecdotes about Pompeii and everything we know.

  1. Pompeii is the oldest amphitheatre in the world

The amphitheatre of Pompeii is dated to 70 BC, is perfectly preserved and is the oldest in the world.

In this place were organized circus games and gladiatorial fights, while today it is still used to make concerts, thanks to its perfect acoustics. When you visit the archaeological park of Pompeii you can cross the amphitheater and stop inside.

  1. Do you know the instagram profile of the archaeological park of Pompeii?

Through social media, where we surf every day, you can discover many news on the archaeological site. The instagram profile of the park is always updated on new discoveries, and you can see in the stories all the news about the city. Thanks to all the work of professionals in the park you can see Pompeii from close up before going to visit it.

You can see the excavations, restorations and new discoveries up close, thanks to the team of the archaeological park: Pompeii on instagram

5.Pompeian red? Actually it was ocher yellow!

The fascinating story of a characteristic and famous color like Pompeian red is a story that you can only discover when you take a tour of Pompeii.

what happened to you? The gas from Vesuvius after the eruption transformed the color on the walls into a unique red, what we now call Pompeian red. An evolving color like the history of this wonderful work, Unesco heritage!

About a Tour of Pompeii from Naples

Discover the excavations of Pompeii with Naplesbay, one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world!

Departure is scheduled for 9.00 am from our meeting point of trust Pharmacy London. After a brief introduction to our guide, a modern air-conditioned Mini Van will take us to the ruins of Pompeii. Our guide authorized by the Region will accompany you with priority tickets ‘ skip the line‘ inside the UNESCO site and will lead you on a journey that starts from Porta Marina, one of the seven gates of the city, to discover together the temple of Venus and then the Forum, passing in the square of Pompeii we will relive the gladiatorial fights, we will cross the oldest temples to the great theater and the suburban spa. A two-hour tour through the history of Pompeii that will show you some of the most important monuments, such as the Roman Forum, the Baths and the Bordello. The return is scheduled for 13.00 in Naples


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