Experience in Naples, classic fried pizza class!

pizza fritta napoli

Experience in Naples, classic fried pizza class!

In Naples, in addition to the classic baked pizza, you should definitely try fried pizza! A typical product of Campania in its preparation and its flavors. A unique food of its kind and its flavor.

What is fried pizza?

Fried pizza is a delicious street food of the Neapolitan culinary tradition, a pizza stuffed and folded in a half moon then fried. Fried pizza is a typical street food experience but you can also find restaurants not to eat it on the street.

Here is a list of places where you can eat a good Neapolitan fried pizza:

1.Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina Sorbillo – Piazza Trieste e Trento.


2.Concettina ai 3 Santi – Via Arena della Sanità.


3.Antica friggitoria La Masardona – Piazza Vittoria.


4.Pizzeria De’ Figliole – Via Giudecca Vecchia.


BUT if you want to try to make your personal fried pizza in Naples you can discover our experience!

Choose our team and discover fried pizza class in Naples!

Fried pizza class experience, suitable for all, to make you discover the recipes and flavours of Campania and the real Neapolitan tradition. A cooking class with our local expert guides, who will reveal all the secrets to cook a tasty fried pizza.

You will know the origin of pizza in the city of Naples and all the guidelines to make the best pizza! With Naplesbay you will discover how to make a perfect Italian fried pizza and use Italian DOP products that make the Campania region unique.

Discover how to realize Neapolitan fried pizza and all its secrets. An experience to meet new people! An experience suitable for all, one tour that includes a starter dish tasting of local products and a cold drink!

What happens in a fried pizza class?

First, we will taste the products employed to make the fried pizza, in a typical restaurant. An expert will tell you all about it. Taste our tomato, fresh mozzarella and olive oil. This class will help you to understand the importance of using high quality products. Second step is mixing the ingredients all together. It may seem easy, but actually it is not so! We will learn how to make the dough with flour, brewer’s yeast and … a secret ingredient! Finally, the pizza maker will teach you all the secrets and the history of the fried pizza. You will know all about the ingredients to make the first pizza made in Naples, born years before the Margherita one! We will fry the pizza in a generous quantity of boiling oil. High-level results can be reached only after years of training and hard work! After frying, you can finally enjoy your pizza made with your own hands, with a cool drink included!

Learn how to make pizza! A perfect way to spend your holidays in Naples is to live unique experiences that you will remember forever, especially when you will learn something that will be useful, the pizza recipe!

Hands-on experience: you will get together with your friends and prepare a fantastic Neapolitan fried pizza! The added value of this experience is that you can learn new things about the city of Naples, making yourself a typical job of the city, the most famous, that of the pizza chef! Don’t worry about the process, an expert guide will follow you step by step.


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