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First time in Naples, how to visit the city

How to visit the city of Naples for the first time. Some info about this city!

First time in Naples? Do not be frightened by the large amount of things to see and places to visit!

Naples is an open-air museum, it is a continuous sensory experience, Naples is a three-dimensional city. It takes just one walk through its streets to be overwhelmed by panoramas, historical monuments and works of art!

Modernity and ancient history coexist on the same road.

With this article you can find a guide to choose the neighborhoods to visit and their characteristics, what to see in that neighborhood and what to do.

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All municipalities of Naples:

The city of Naples, divided into 10 municipalities, is a great city and is articulated both in its culture and in its territory. So what are the neighborhoods of Naples? Here is a list of all the neighborhoods to discover!

The different municipalities are divided into districts: (Comune 1) Chiaia, Posillipo, San Ferdinando, (Comune 2) Avvocata, Montecalvario, Mercato, Pendino, San Giuseppe, Porto. (Municipality 3) the neighborhoods San Carlo all’Arena and Stella, (Municipality 4) neighborhoods San Lorenzo, Vicaria, Poggioreale and Industrial Zone.

The Municipality 5 includes the villages of Vomero and Arenella, the Municipality 6 Ponticelli, Barra and San Giovanni a Teduccio. The Municipality 7 includes Miano, Secondigliano and San Pietro a Patierno, the Municipality 8 consists of Piscinola, Marianella, Chiaiano, Scampia.

The Municipality 9 consists of the districts of Soccavo and Pianura, while the Municipality 10 from Bagnoli and Fuorigrotta.

Naples and its neighborhoods: history, folklore and unique views

Each district is unique and characterized by its location in the city and by those who cross it. Houses, alleys, street art on the walls, streets, style and languages of the Neapolitans themselves, change in every area of the city, not just one day to discover everything that is hidden in a neighborhood of Naples.

With these articles we want to make a complete guide to the neighborhoods of Naples, from the historic center, Unesco World Heritage, passing through popular streets and corners until you reach the most chic and scenic areas of the city.

From the old town to the more distant districts:

If you want to visit only the historic center of Naples, the neighborhoods you can visit are:

The historic districts included in the list of UNESCO heritage: Avvocata, Montecalvario, San Giuseppe, Porto, Pendino, Mercato, Chiaia, San Ferdinando, Stella, San Carlo all’Arena, San Lorenzo and Vicarìa, part of the hills of Vomero and Posillipo.

These districts are characterized by decumani, a pivotal attraction that constitutes the identity of the historic center with its popular shops, the typical Neapolitan restaurants and the most popular squares of the center. These are the neighborhoods that you can visit on foot and discover using public transport or private transport to experience the city in total relaxation.

To visit all the other neighborhoods further away you can use public transport or rent a car to move around with peace of mind.

Beyond the historic center you can reach characteristic neighborhoods for street art such as the park of murals in Ponticelli, or visit San Giovanni a Teduccio for the murals of maradona and where you can also find the Apple developer Academy. Visit San Giorgio a Cremano with the murals dedicated to Troisi and the historic villas custodians of the memory of his career and his history.

Nearby are Portici and the Reggia di Portici, a must to visit for its beauty and always animated by local initiatives.

To learn more: Tour by car outside the center of Naples

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