Street art tour in Naples, what to see with us

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Street art tour Naples. What to see:

Naples is an eclectic and unconventional city, it is a metropolis that offers artists many spaces to express themselves and tourists as much street art to admire! If you are a street art fan, Naples is the city for you! It takes more than days of sightseeing in the city of Naples to admire all the murals, graffiti and artistic drawings. From the historic center, to the farthest Neapolitan neighborhoods, streets and palaces are characterized by these urban works of art.

Street art characterizes the streets of Naples and has now become part of the Neapolitan culture, because it highlights the characters and signs that make it so. Most of the subjects of Neapolitan street art are characters that are part of the history of Naples or that somehow have crossed the city and its streets.

Many street-artists link to each subject a particular message for the viewer, through the symbolism or hidden among the details of the mural itself, as Agoch Jorit, exponent of Neapolitan Street Art with Dutch origins.

Murales Maradona

There is a secret Naples, which hosts less known places, urban works of great impact in fact between the neighborhoods and the streets less frequented, there are the most beautiful tributes to Neapolitan icons. Thanks to these images and works made on the walls, you can wander through the streets of Naples and discover its history and the characters who made it, such as the murals of Maradona in the Spanish neighborhoods, iconic figure for the city and attraction for tourists and for fans more tied. Each mural is a tribute to the people of Naples and Naples. The Neapolitans find themselves recognizable in the subjects of the murals making street art a means that tells and emphasizes the contemporaneity of the city.

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How to discover the hidden Neapolitan street art:

Naples is full of urban street art, to discover it you just have to walk through the streets. In the alleys of lesser-known neighborhoods, Emerging artists leave traces of their passage and Naples is full of tours that take you around the city to discover both the beauty of the neighborhoods that these small works of art hidden and guarded by the inhabitants of the Neapolitan neighborhoods.

I invite you to explore the city by letting yourself be guided by the streets and people who inhabit the historic center, you will discover that all of Naples is characterized by street art. The Neapolitan walls are transformed into real canvases of ‘chronicle’, where they tell, with street art, both current facts such as the portrait of the model of Gucci that the history of the neighborhood with portraits of the faces of the boys who live, Current events become the starting point of urban stories written by citizens, for citizens.

Street art changes the city and inevitably, the presence of the artists of the murals inside Naples changes the structure and social structure of that neighborhood, which is positively affected by the presence of an urban work of art inside. One of the strongest examples of social regeneration, thanks to street art, is the park of murals in Ponticelli.

Street art tour in the Ponticelli mural park

If you want to see one of the most characteristic inhabited parks of Naples, you have to reach the district of Ponticelli to visit the park of the murales.

The park of murals is located in Naples east, in the district of Ponticelli and since 2015 has started a program of artistic regeneration and social regeneration thanks to the participation of street artists, who with their works of street art, have changed this city park, making it a destination to discover and stop of the street art tours.

The park has a website where you can see all the works of the artists and their history, and has become the first district dedicated to urban creativity in Campania. Inside the mural park, you can learn about its history through tours or participate in workshops and initiatives dedicated to the park itself.


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