Where to see San Gennaro miracle

If you are in Naples you can not miss the miracle of San Gennaro, an event of the Neapolitan tradition that will take place in the historic center of Naples. The festival starts from the morning of Monday, September 19, in the cathedral of the Duomo where the miracle will take place, and then spread throughout the city of Naples, from the street of the cathedral and all the courts.

Throughout the day of Monday, September 19 there will be many events in the center in addition to the traditional procession with all believers.

The Feast of San Gennaro lasts for three days, but the actual day of the feast is September 19.

The liquefaction is a sign of good omen for the city that – believers or non-believers – every year waits with respect and deference the ancient rite. Meanwhile in the historic center of Naples there will be cultural events, concerts and street art tours.

Who is San Gennaro?

Gennaro, born in Naples in the second half of the third century, then elected bishop of Benevento, was beheaded by order of Diocletian on 19 September 305 A.D. During the execution a noblewoman named Eusebia managed to collect her blood in two ampoules, By keeping it with much veneration. After the edict of Constantine, a bishop of Naples solemnly moved the bones of San Gennaro from Pozzuoli to the catacombs of his city. During the journey Eusebia also gave the bishop the two ampoules with the martyr’s blood.

Visit the treasure of San Gennaro:

The Treasure of San Gennaro is composed of extraordinary masterpieces collected in seven centuries of donations of popes, kings, emperors, rulers, illustrious men, common people and part of unique and intact collections thanks to the Deputation of the real chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, Ancient secular institution still existing born in 1527 for a vote of the city of Naples. Today the treasure is exhibited in the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro.

Where to see the miracle

In the cathedral Duomo in via Duomo, in the historic center of Naples. You have to reach the cathedral soon to be able to enter because there will be many people.

Being a very important and very crowded event the square in front of the church will be full of people and the ceremony you can follow outside.

What to do in Naples Monday 19 September

All the rest of the city and the historic center will celebrate this event by decorating their own themed shop and creating themed products for the party.

There will be festivities throughout the city and also many events even not religious in the streets of the center of Naples.

As always, museums and city tours are always active to accompany tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Via Duomo and the treasure of San Gennaro https://museosangennaro.it/

The Cathedral of Naples, is the cathedral where the celebration of the saint will take place, where all the Neapolitan people gather to celebrate and honor San Gennaro. Right next to the cathedral you can visit the treasure museum of San Gennaro.

On the street of the same name, Via Duomo, you can visit bars, restaurants and shops dedicated to the saint or that take his name.

On Sunday the whole street will be animated by the locals for the celebrations, we recommend you to walk through the pedestrian area of the old town and enjoy the party.

Discover the historic center with us, a walking tour through the oldest streets of Naples, ideal tour for lovers of Neapolitan history.


Unique, spectacular, rich in art and culture, Naples has the largest historic center of Europe. Our meeting point will be at the obelisk in Piazza del Gesù, one of the best places in the historic center of Naples. You can discover some of the most historic places in the center of Naples.

To reach the cathedral of Naples you can walk through the historic center of Naples or get off at the new metro DUOMO.

If you want discover all the street art in the center of Naples you can follow us, with our street art tour!

We will make you discover the ancient buildings and the most mysterious alleys of Naples. One of the best guided tours in folklore, the religious images outside the buildings and the historical place. Walking tour in the Street Art masterpiece in Naples. A tour for photograph the best street art operas in Naples. You can meet the ancient neapolitan shops and artisan neapolitan people. Immersive tour in the heart of Naples.


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